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Community Gaming at its Finest
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Sue McMullan (Para) - CEO & Founder

Coming from a diverse background as a fitness instructor and paramedic, Sue has worked with people from all walks of life and of all ages. As a fitness instructor she managed a state-of-the-art multi-million pound fitness center. In addition, she also obtained qualifications in teaching and counseling. Unfortunately, an accident that left her disabled required her to find a new career path. Having had a passion for gaming, Sue became involved in the management and development of a game testing program and was eventually hired by a multinational conglomerate to manage their community programs and lead their quality control department.

Sue began ProComGaming in 2011 to help bridge the gap between game publishers and the community they service. Today ProComGaming consists of a large international team that provides a wide range of money-saving services to game publishers, all while engaging gamers in new and innovative ways.


Leana Way (Fluffy) - Childrens' Advocate


Leana has had a passion for learning since 1975 when the United States passed a law that required schools to provide services to students previously denied access to appropriate education.  She has served on educational boards, has taught parent educational classes, volunteers and is a Mom to a boy and a girl.  She enjoys running and mountain biking with her son.  She's involved with PCG because of the belief that we all can make a mark, make others come first and that we can all make a difference.


"Let's do this!"

Hilde Oldengarm (Nova) - Senior Operations Manager


Having trained as an Urban Planner and Paralegal, Hilde developed a love for Science, Technology and also Research As an avid gamer Hilde has developed a love for Community Management and Player Support while being a leading figure on some of the larger MMO's out there today. Through her professional working life Hilde has managed teams successfully and had extensive training in regards to people management and support at all levels.

Terence Way (OneWay) - Chief Technical Officer


Terence has been involved with information technology since before days of the telecom boom. He has served in senior manager and technical director roles in telecom, online services, and digital entertainment companies for over the past ten years. He's also enjoys gaming with friends online. He's involved with PCG because of the common belief in the holistic approach of serving the community.

"I'm looking forward to help PCG make a difference in the digital entertainment space, with community support being number one!"



Rob Plumaj (Reignher) - Training Manager

Rob is our experienced Training Manager. For 10 years, Rob has been involved in coaching and training people of many ages. With dedication and hard work, he has managed to train many individuals over his years to achieve great things in numerous activities. His expertise in the gaming world is also well noted, with his leadership of many guilds in various games. His adept knowledge of how most games work prove as a valuable asset for the training staff.

Other Talents within the Team

ProComGaming boasts a highly skilled team. It would be impossible to list all of the team's skills and experience on our website due to their desire for constant learning and development of new skills. Currently, our team is proud to include: