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Further Outsourcing Services

As we worked with other Publishers we also used those experiences to perfect the following services:


We cover all services needed in Operations of PC and Mobile Games

We are very excited about games, both mobile and PC and will be publishing both. To complement this service we will also be offering an Incubator Programme to help both developers and artists take the next steps to publish their own games whether this is through tailored support or through a Partnership. We will work with you to ensure your game exceeds all your expectations and enters the market ready to be loved by your gamers. We will be publishing PC and mobile games of all genres. We will be adding the extra service of assisting up and coming Developers who need someone to help them with the final hurdle of publishing.

More information coming soon!


Our Speciality! We will adapt to every Client's needs!

Community Management

Drawing on our exciting beginnings, we are able to offer a full package to manage your game’s community effectively and make your players feel valued. Valued players are much more likely to keep playing and keep spending their money in your game.

Not only can PCG improve your retention rate, we can also serve as a bridge between you, a publisher/developer and your game’s community of players. You get all of the important information from your players without all of the extra work and communication to gather it. PCG has a proven track record in asking for players’ feedback, opinions and ideas.

On top of a better reputation with your players and improved retention rate, we will also engage your game’s community in order to use their passion for your game to your advantage. Through our seven player programmes, your game’s community will be able to help your game continue to soar, while keeping costs lower for you!

See below for more information!