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Would you like to join the team?

ProComGaming are always in search of new team members to add their own skills, talents and passion to our team. To become part of our team, you must have a passion for gaming and share our philosophy of putting the community first.

    Our other requirements include:

  • * You will need to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • * You also need to be willing to use Mumble, Skype and email to communicate with our team
  • * A CV or Resume so we can find out more about you

Our team works remotely from home in many different countries all over the world, so no matter where you are from, we want to hear from you! Whether you have an hour a week or twenty hours to offer, our Volunteer Programme is perfect for those who wish to enter the Gaming Industry and gain valuable work experience. The Gaming Industry is notoriously difficult to break into, however with our Volunteer Programme our team are given the chance to learn everything from the beginning at their own pace and contribute to everything we do as a company. To register your interest, please fill in the form below and our Personnel Team will be in contact shortly to answer any questions you have and to help you in joining our team.