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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have a gaming-related degree or qualification?
  • While degrees and qualifications are very important, our single most important requirement is a passion for gaming and a shared ethos of putting the community first.

  • What are the steps required to join your team?
  • The process to join our team is very simple:
    1. We receive your web form (Click here for the web form) and our Personnel Team contacts you back.
    2. You are given the opportunity to ask all questions you have and discuss any concerns you have in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.
    3. Once you have the answers you need, we send you a copy of our Non-Disclosure Agreement to review and sign.
    4. Upon returning your signed copy of our Non-Disclosure Agreement, you will be invited to participate in a Welcome Session where you will be given all of the information you need to fit into our team quickly and easily.

  • I am a student studying a gaming-related course at University or College, can I come and get some work experience with you?
  • Of course! ProComGaming is always happy to work with students who need to complete work experience. Please get in touch using the web form below and our Personnel Team will contact you shortly to discuss what you need to achieve through work experience.

  • Can my teenage son/daughter join your team?
  • Yes, provided you are happy to review and sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement on their behalf until your son/daughter reaches age 18. Our talented team includes people who have qualifications for working with younger people and giving them the support and encouragement they need to do great things!