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Sue McMullan

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about where ProComGaming came from and where we’re heading within the gaming industry.

A few years ago I joined a Tester Program being run in a MMORPG game. It became apparent quite quickly that there was very little organisation in the Program and I was asked to take it over and see what I could do with it. As time went on we had over 250 testers helping us and we started to develop other Programs for the community that helped in other areas of Community Management that were again, quite insufficient when left to the publisher themselves to do it.

I met a great group of gamers who had the same passion as I do, to make sure that gamers are looked after. That way they are happy and the Developers and Publishers will ultimately make more money by simply taking care of their players. It is such a simple concept, but seems to have been lost especially since the F2P market has taken over. Now, more than ever, the games are made to make as much money as soon as possible. Sadly, we see this especially in the mobile market. Communities are not being taken care of at all in those games. This is something that I want to change. My whole team share this goal and are extremely passionate about the community and how it is treated by those developing and publishing the games.

Having worked for numerous Companies now, we have come to the conclusion that the only real way for us to truly look after the players, is to actually develop and publish games ourselves. Now this is a pretty big goal for us, but we’re ready to take on the challenge. Step by step we will work towards this goal. If you’re a true gamer and want to be heard by those making the games and those publishing, then please do come and join us and become part of our team.

Currently I have around 50 truly dedicated people from all over the world. These guys have been with me for years and started off as gamers but have now been fully trained and worked as part of the Operations team within the gaming industry. These people will then train those that join us and will mentor them as they also learn how to become GM’s, or part of a Quality Assurance, Quality Control or Player Support team. You name it, we will teach you how to do it, and not just do it, but to do it well, where we give the best service possible to our players.

We will have to take this step by step, but now that you see our ultimate goal, I am hoping that you will become inspired and join us in this venture to revolutionise the Gaming Industry as it is today.

It will take us time to build up to our ultimate goal, but we will do it and invite anyone who would like to aid us in any way possible to contact us via the following email: opportunities@procomgaming.com