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We have built the Company on a strong ethos!

ProComGaming Ltd. has evolved through our group of players working with industry experts and learning what has been done right and what has been done wrong. Using this information we have tailored our services to fill the gaps in the market.

Free to play has really impacted gaming and not necessarily in a positive way for our communities of players. We have really seen how both Publishers and Developers are just interested in money making and not what the players look for, want or need in the game. This concept is alien to us. Players are our lifeline. They pay the bills essentially, so why are they last on the priority list? It makes no sense and we want to change this. Ultimately, if you keep the customers happy then they stay longer and spend more money.

We have also learned that we have no choice but to publish ourselves and ultimately develop ourselves if we want this to change. This is therefore our direction. We want to revolutionise this thinking within the industry and we need help doing it. I am aware that we are not the only ones with this thinking and would welcome the chance to work alongside other companies that feel the same as we do. We also welcome any players, developers, designers and graphic artists to come and work with us as we begin this path.

We also believe in making sure that the job is done right. Many of the team began as gamers and understand first hand how frustrating it is if a game is not localised properly, or if it has poor translation and we all recognise that player support is something that needs to be worked on as a priority. Pre formatted responses for tickets can work, but are very often used in the wrong context and not exactly answering the questions that are being asked. This is why we have an international team who cover many languages and have the training to deal with any questions that they are faced with professionally and without the pre-formatted replies. Now that's service and that is what our players deserve!

We have also picked up experienced industry professionals who have joined us as they also believe in our ethos. I am not talking about low level people, I am talking about people who got paid six figures who were not happy with where the industry was heading. Now we will all work on improving things together.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or if you wish to join our ever expanding team.


We cover all services needed in Operations of PC and Mobile Games

We specialise in Quality Assurance, Localisation, Translation, Moderation Services (Game and Forum) , Community Management and Event Management.


We will be publishing Mobile and PC games

It is a known fact that many Publishers do not work alongside their communities. We aim to be different and have a proven track record of success!


Developers, Designers & Graphic Artists

We provide an environment that allows Artists, Designers and Developers to meet and collaborate to provide finished products then we assist in the publishing.